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Meet The Team

We are proud to bring you a wonderful combination of creativity and service through our professionals.



If anyone can teach a (lowkey) rags-to-riches lesson, it would be Sonia. This company started from scratch, no clients, no business skills, and no clue how to get started.
After taking several business and entrepreneurial courses, and building a clientele of over 600 clients in the first 3 years of business, she was able to hone into her creative skills and grow into a multifaceted photography business. This is not another girl with a camera type. This is a full on photography experience to the next level with a 1400sf studio that was made from dreams.



Kailena is our seasoned team member and had quickly became the one we needed!

Her warm and friendly demeanor has made everyone relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.


With only training provided by Sonia Stewart Photography, we have honed in on her skills in videography as well as photography. Her enthusiasm to create art shines bright and our wish for her is that it never dies. 

Kailena can be found working in studio photo shoots as well as events as either the main photographer, videographer, or as a second photographer. 

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