Peter and Danielle | Ashburn Virginia Wedding

Wait until you hear about this rainy day wedding! While most weddings are all about the gorgeous design, the location, and the wardrobe...Peter and Danielle's wedding had a bunch of little surprises throughout the day. My trip started with a flight to Washington D.C. that turned out to be very uneventful for me. The same cannot be said for others who arrived at the airport, so I lucked out this time. But just in case things happen, I always arrive 1 day early for the extra time. Come wedding day, it was gloomy and not quite raining. Nothing was coming down yet, but it was discussed with the wedding planner and venue what the plan of action might be. All this was happening as the Bride and her girls were getting ready at the Belmont Country Club. This is estate is amazing to say the least!

By the time the Bride was dressed, it had been decided that the wedding would be indoors in the ballroom. While the venue was moving things around, the Bride wanted to give her Bridesmaids some special letters that she had written not long ago. It was filled with words that would surely bring tears to everyone around, including me, the photographer.

I had been planning this wedding with the Bride for 16 months (or even longer if you count the proposal and engagement photo shoots we did.) Not a single detail was left out. But something that was added at the end, just weeks before the wedding was this those of a BABY ON THE WAY!!!!

Ugh...okay made the photographer cry! But dang it...all the girls were so happy. Most were surprised, some thought they knew...haha But it was a wonderful moment regardless. After all this excitement, I went to get the Groom for a First Look with the Bride. For clarification, a First Look is when the Bride and Groom see each for the first time BEFORE walking down the aisle. It's not just a random accident- First Looks come with thought and careful planning so as not to accidentally see each other in passing. For Peter and Danielle, I took them to the piano room for privacy and great colors. Hidden on each side of the door was each other's one true love. They silently read letters that each other had written.

So fun!! And if that First Look wasn't cute enough, we had one planned for the Bride and her Dad. It's time to get the tissues!

The emotions were high for this wedding. But they were all happy tears. I think we all forgot it was even raining and that the wedding was was going to be indoors.

We had a little visitor arrive. Should we say...a VIP guest of the wedding party. Haha

Sidney fit right in with the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen. He even had a special part in the day. You'll see later on.

Let's get these two MARRIED with a song presented by Tim dedicated to the newlyweds and a doggie appropriate poem by Elaine.

After the ceremony, Peter and Danielle were feeling spontaneous and still wanted to go outside and capture some of the essence of this beautiful estate in Ashburn. Yay! This made me happy because even though you couldn't see this building from the inside, you still saw it as you drove/walked up to the doors.

Now it was time to dance and eat and be merry!! And there was still something left on the to-do list, and that was to make a special announcement (that the Bridesmaids were sworn to not tell...) I gotta give props to Barbara, the Bride's mom for this gorgeous decor!

Words from the Newlyweds to the rest of their close family and friends that they're having a BABY!!

Clearly the most excited person in the room was Tim, who is Peter's best friend!

Things like this cannot be planned!! And this was definitely another emotional moment (for me! haha) Now, it was time to PARTY!! Just dance, let go, and have a good time. The Bride (at this point being at the end of her first trimester in pregnancy) was energetic ALL.Night.Long!! How does she do it??!! Living off adrenaline because the excitement was so much!

And bid farewell to most wonderful day of Peter and Danielle's lives, up to this point.

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